What I’ve learned after two games of the NBA Finals

What a block!

What a block!

After two games, I have learned a few things about the Spurs and Heat.

The first thing that stood out to me is that this Spurs team is way better than I thought. Even though I got to watch them play against the Warriors, it appears that the extra rest they got before the Finals really did them wonders. They’re smarter with their ball handling and Tony Parker seems to be at another level right now.

The Heat also seem to be very relaxed. Despite their Game 1 loss, they knew that they had a must-win for Sunday. They came out and dominated, setting us up for one great series.

The load will all be on LeBron James regardless of win or loss. He is the chosen one. He is the icon. And everything he does will be scrutinized. But I think he’s matured beyond my imagination. He can shoulder the load and will be able to handle it well.

Unlike the comment he made years ago about the people of Cleveland living their boring lives, he’s smarter now. But that doesn’t mean that he’s still not Public Enemy No. 1 outside of Miami.

I expect this to go six games with the Spurs on top. Part of it is bias, but also part of it is that mystique about this team that I just don’t want to see lose in this Finals. It’s been a pleasure watching these Spurs and they deserve one last hurrah.

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