New Era’s approach to Flag Day is a pretty smart one

New Era has a great slogan with “Fly Your Own Flag” and I’ve seen the above cap before in store. It’s gorgeous. They have one for Mexico too. If they have a China one, I’m all on board with it.

New Era has established itself real well in the sports world and especially in on-field apparel. Their line with MLB and NFL has really boost their appeal and their innovations are second to none. They’re not a perfect company but I believe their marketing is superb.

Their slogan today with Flag Day is a great use to tap into our patriotism. We should be grateful for our flag and what it represents. We shouldn’t take anything for granted.

But it isn’t all peaches and cream and happy feelings for everyone who demands expectations to the highest level.


I didn’t know today was Flag Day until I saw it on Twitter by New Era. Am I less American because of it? No. But should Google have done something today? Maybe. The fact that we expect Google to cater to our every need and ego is really horrible.

But then again, Google brought themselves up to this high and mighty status that they have to be perfect.

I mean, that’s what America is all about right? Condemning others for not doing what we expect them to do yet not say a word of thanks when we rely on them for so much.

Seriously, accusing Google of being un-patriotic because they aren’t like someone else? I thought America was bound on people being different. But what do I know. I forgot today was Flag Day so I must know what it means to be American, even though I was born and raised here all my life.