What should I do with this rare, factory error Oakland A’s cap

Yesterday I was a the Coliseum and I saw this cap at one of the kiosks at the stadium. I asked the vendor about it and she said that New Era had a factory error in which they accidentally used the gold lettering instead of the white lettering for the A’s logo. This one was the only one they had a mistake on, making it a one of a kind cap.

It’s 7 7/8  (not my size) and I have no need for it. But because it was rare and it was an on-field cap, I bought it anyway. Something so rare could be worth something in the open market.

Now I am to wonder what I should do with it. Keep it for my own personal amusement or sell it? I would assume there is a market for this kind of stuff, but it would be hard due to the size. Maybe I’ll put it on eBay. I’ll have to think about it.