From sewage to suing, the A’s have not had a good week

Bud Selig has not been good to the A’s with his inability to take any action in regards to the new stadium.

The A’s have lost three of their last four games. The stadium is reeking of a smell that can’t be escaped. And now, the city of San Jose is suing Major League Baseball because they feel they have lost revenue opportunity with the stalling of a decision on the team.

It’s clear the A’s need a new stadium. As much as I enjoy the personality of the Coliseum, it’s outdated and a professional baseball team deserves to play their games in a nicer venue.

Now the whole situation in San Jose is brought up again. Will the A’s move? The Giants have not relinquished the rights to the Santa Clara area but really, it’s on commissioner Bud Selig to actually lift a finger and make a decision. Instead he’s put the issue on the back burner and ignored it for so long.

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