This stereotype exists because it’s true: Heat fans are on the bandwagon

If you haven’t caught wind of it, last night gave us a major glimpse of how bad these Heat “fans” are. Their team is down five with less than a minute to go. If you’ve watched the NBA at any point in time in your life, you know that a deficit like that can be overcome. Especially with a team that talented like the Heat, you can’t just assume that the game is over.

But apparently these Heat fans thought so. The mass exodus of the arena is pretty embarrassing. What’s even worse is that when they found out the game went into overtime, they all tried to get back into the arena. The “No Re-Entry” policy was in effect and nobody was allowed to get back in.

I’ve always made fun of the Heat bandwagon fans and now the local and national media have joined me. This is embarrassing and it surprises me why anyone who paid good money to see a game would leave the game early. It wasn’t like a double-digit blowout. But of course, these are the things only basketball fans would know.

So my stereotype of Heat fans are true. Not all Heat fans are like this, but it’s for sure these bandwagon fans give a bad name to the real basketball fans.

Maybe it’s the culture I’ve grown up in, but in the Bay Area, we appreciate the team no matter what. The Oakland A’s fans and Golden State Warriors fans gave the team a standing ovation when they were eliminated from the playoffs. That’s the sign of respect for the team. But I guess in Miami, beating traffic is more important than thanking and believing in your team.

I hope the Spurs win Game 7. I know these Heat fans don’t deserve to have a repeat champion. I mean, I’ve never seen a group of people jump off and jump back on a bandwagon in such a quick time.

I am glad they enforced the rules and did not allow them to return inside.

One thought on “This stereotype exists because it’s true: Heat fans are on the bandwagon

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