Farewell to purple for the Phoenix Suns?

New Suns identity?

That is what appears to be a legit leak of the new Phoenix Suns identity. We knew they were going to emphasize black, but I didn’t know they would do it to this extent. The only purple left in their remaining identity would be a carry over of their old logo — and I suspect that to be the case just to avoid some fee in the NBA’s rebranding rules.

But here we are. We lose one of the nicest identities in the NBA in terms of color and we have ANOTHER team that wears black. Oh fun! And to top it off, the colors and the new “S” logo are not to my liking.

What we have here is just boring to a team that isn’t very good. Stash this away in the “Charlotte Bobcats rebrand for rebranding sakes” category. The purple is out of place and the whole identity now is a mess.

Maybe this leak isn’t the real deal and there is still some hope. But I doubt it. Their court design change hinted this and this apparently is what they settled on.