Blackhawks beat the Bruins for the Stanley Cup in a fantastic finish

The Blackhawks are champions again!

The Blackhawks are champions again!

How crazy was that? Both goalies were pulled at some point in the final minutes. The Blackhawks, down 1-0 scored two goals in 17 seconds, take the lead and fend off the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup for the second time in four years.

This was one of the best Stanley Cup Playoffs I’ve seen in a long time. And to end it with a great final series where we see this kind of ending, amazing! The first game went into three overtimes. We’ve had outstanding play from both sides and the aura of the Original Six truly made this series a great one.

With the realignment, we have a lesser chance of an Original Six matchup again.

I’m going to cherish this series. Despite my team not being in it, this was the kind of run throughout the entire playoffs that really made hockey big again in America. And maybe, the game gained some new fans from this. Lockout or no lockout, we had a fun season.

Another reason why I dislike Adidas: Look at what they did to UCLA’s football uniforms

Looks like UCLA's new uniforms are trying too hard.

Looks like UCLA’s new uniforms are trying too hard.

UCLA football player Caleb Benenoch has unveiled what appears to be the new uniforms Adidas has created for their team.

Benenoch’s Twitter features the new image. On his Instagram also, we have a closer view of the new uniform.

I don’t know where to begin with this. The inclusion of a black outline to the numbers doesn’t work well with this set, especially now that it’s thicker on this set. And the fact they continue to go with a truncated shoulder stripe really leaves a lot to be desired in what should be a good a classic uniform.

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The trend of former player to head coach in the NBA is growing

We’ve seen former players become head coaches in the NBA. Look at Phil Jackson, Byron Scott, Pat Riley as a few names on the list. They’ve had success.

Even most recently the success of Mark Jackson and the hiring of Jason Kidd shows that it’s not that crazy to hire a former player.

With the move of another former player turned coach, Doc Rivers, to Los Angeles, this prompted Antoine Walker to ponder if coaching is for him.

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Chargers making minor changes to uniforms

The Chargers officially announced three minor changes to their uniform set.

  1. The nameplates will be a two-tone look (see image below).
  2. The neckroll is gone and the collars will match the color of the jersey.
  3. The socks will feature a gold stripe midway up the calf.

This is what the nameplate will look like.

The Chargers are going through a minor nameplate change.

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Appreciating LeBron James a little bit more


This GIF made by Drew Sheppard shows every single shot made by LeBron James in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Look at all the different spots James can score from the floor. He could be very well the most versatile player of all time with that ability right there. It’s fascinating with technology these days that we can see a graphic like this and just be amazed at the kind of talent he has become.

Having been pushed to a Game 7 and coming out on top, James finally rose to the challenge that I needed to see him in. This game solidified him in my eyes as the megastar that we’ve expected him to become.