Another reason why I dislike Adidas: Look at what they did to UCLA’s football uniforms

Looks like UCLA's new uniforms are trying too hard.

Looks like UCLA’s new uniforms are trying too hard.

UCLA football player Caleb Benenoch has unveiled what appears to be the new uniforms Adidas has created for their team.

Benenoch’s Twitter features the new image. On his Instagram also, we have a closer view of the new uniform.

I don’t know where to begin with this. The inclusion of a black outline to the numbers doesn’t work well with this set, especially now that it’s thicker on this set. And the fact they continue to go with a truncated shoulder stripe really leaves a lot to be desired in what should be a good a classic uniform.

What really bothers me is the extra tribal marks all along the shoulder, side and anywhere else. What is the point of it? I know that it’s a common thing in basketball these days, but it doesn’t need to be seen on a football field.

It’s probably subtle from far away or on television, but what’s the point? What purpose does it serve?

Adidas has been trying so hard to make their mark in sports in terms of design. Their zubaz look in basketball was bad and realistically, the texture pattern designs really don’t work on a football uniform. And it might possibly be something for a new fabric, as their press release might say, but ultimately, it’s bad.

I have been harsh on Adidas and at times, they have come up with good things. But their “innovative” ways have given us so many bad design looks over the years. I really wish they would stop, but they’re not. This is how it is in the college world. More outrageous, ugly designs are coming our way. Adidas is leading the pack. Brace yourselves.


One thought on “Another reason why I dislike Adidas: Look at what they did to UCLA’s football uniforms

  1. I think as anything is matter of taste, I do like many things from major brands, but them as well come out with really bad stuff. At the end is decision of the public (consumer) if they found it good enough to buy or not. If the players might like it or not is irrelevant at the end is a commercial item so.. if it sells well. then that’s it.

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