Chargers making minor changes to uniforms

The Chargers officially announced three minor changes to their uniform set.

  1. The nameplates will be a two-tone look (see image below).
  2. The neckroll is gone and the collars will match the color of the jersey.
  3. The socks will feature a gold stripe midway up the calf.

This is what the nameplate will look like.

The Chargers are going through a minor nameplate change.

Now some thoughts:

I’m indifferent about the nameplate change. I actually like nameplates whose colors match the number. So instead of white on the nameplate, we have a yellow one. It works for some teams like the Steelers, but this isn’t a big change and I feel it could go either way.

The neckroll is gone, as we expected. I hated the toilet seat necklace! The article said six teams are making the change. I am not sure if that number includes the Chargers are not, but that just confirms that the other teams have to be the Buccaneers, Ravens, Bills, Broncos and Redskins. The Dolphins don’t count since they made an entire brand overhaul.

I actually like the sock idea. I enjoy socks that feature more than one color. The gold stripe will make it stand out real well. The Broncos do it well, so I am on board with this.


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