22 Worst NBA Draft Suits

Some of them aren’t that bad. But the mismatching and the long jacket just don’t work.

Knicks supposed orange alternates actually work out well

Iman Shumpert wears what appears to be the new Knicks alternate.

On the day we found out about one team emphasizing orange, another team has decided to do the same.

Iman Shumpert’s photo on Instagram shows what appears to be the Knicks’ new orange alternate. It’s essentially the same design as their other set just with the switch of color. I was hoping that the numbers and lettering would be white, but blue actually works out well. Especially in a league where orange isn’t seen as often, this alternate is welcomed.

A part of me feels like this had to have some influence from Carmelo Anthony. Him wearing orange just looks so right.

And who knows? There might be another alternate coming for the Knicks? Christmas Day disaster again? Or maybe a sleeve jersey?