My initial reaction to Andre Iguodala joining the Warriors

The Warriors bring Andre Iguodala in on a four-year deal. In the process, they ridded themselves of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson.

My initial impression was that this would mean the Dwight Howard pursuit would be over. Not necessarily. A sign and trade is still a possibility where Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes could be moved.

I remember years ago when Iguodala was with the Sixers and I was impressed by his intensity and his jumpshot. He had great range and I thought he would be a great player for the Warriors to get. But he would end up in Denver and now a few years later, he’s finally on the Warriors. Back then, the Warriors could have benefitted from Iguodala. Now I don’t know what to think with Harrison Barnes as the starting small forward.

This could mean the Warriors move Barnes. Or they could move Thompson and give Howard a run. All I can figure out now is that with Iguodala on the team, there has to be an odd man out. The Warriors can’t be done. They need to play Barnes if he’s going to stay. Move him to the 4-spot and trade David Lee away? Maybe that brings back Carl Landry.

I don’t know what to think of this. The Warriors are better now for sure. But they aren’t a serious contender yet. They might need to bring in Howard and they probably need to do that. But I am not a fan of Howard. Unless he changes his attitude, I am not sure if he’d fit in. The Warriors might think they can change him. Let’s see how it goes.


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