#SHAME!!! My gripe with Josh Donaldson and Grant Balfour not making the All-Star team

These two should be on the All-Star team.

The Oakland Athletics are one of three American League teams with 50 wins. They hold the fifth best record in baseball right now. They are only three games back from the best record in baseball. They only have one All-Star representative.

Pitcher Bartolo Colon was the only Athletic selected and he deserves it. But that means once again, the A’s don’t have a position player on the All-Star roster again. The last one was catcher Ramon Hernandez in 2003.

Josh Donaldson should have been considered. He doesn’t even make it as a reserve. He’s not even on the Final Vote. Closer Grant Balfour is in the middle of a streak in which he’s converted 40 straight save opportunities. He’s not on the roster or for the final vote. I don’t know what more these two needed to do just to be even considered for the Final Vote.

I usually don’t make a big deal out of All-Star Games but this one actually means something. The A’s have worked their way up and have earned some respect. But instead, this sets them back. If the game didn’t count towards the World Series, I would want the AL to lose. They deserve it for screwing over two players that deserve to make it. That’s #Shame.

** Bartolo Colon appears to be scheduled to start this Sunday, making him ineligible to play during the All-Star game. Does make his replacement Balfour? Or somebody else?

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