Because Lids finds a way to troll with 49ers fans a little with the Kaepernick Dolphins cap deal

Remember this weekend when Colin Kaepernick’s Dolphins cap made the buzz? Cap, hat and fashion provider Lids had a message for Kaepernick.

Lids is one of my favorite places to get my caps. They have been good to me since I first went there. The fact they would make such a tweet to Kaepernick just cracks me up. The trolling to 49ers fans with it is hilarious. And who knows? Maybe this could be the beginning of a good business partnership?

It points back to the point that this isn’t serious and it’s all in fun. People don’t need to overreact to things like this.

Lids is having fun. Kaepernick isn’t making a big deal out of it.  No news becomes news. Football season is almost here.


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