Somehow, someway, Sharknado has turned San Jose Sharks into Twitter trolls

It’s as bad as it looks.

I didn’t watch Sharknado last night, but I will later on. In fact, it was so popular Twitter blew up about it. Everybody started joking about the movie and how bad it was.

ESPN decided to poke fun at the name and ask the Sharks a question about it. As you can see, it didn’t turn out very well. Instead of a playful response from the San Jose Sharks, they instead publicly called out ESPN for their lack of NHL coverage.

I’m pretty sure all NHL teams feel that they are not getting much respect by ESPN and what turned out to be an innocent joke now has the Sharks publicly trolling ESPN and their ways. This probably doesn’t help the NHL’s coverage by ESPN, but hey, that’s what bad movies will do to you. It’ll make you trolls online.

And of course, the Dallas Stars are on board.

The St. Louis Blues on the other hand, don’t get it.


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