Roddy White tells jurors to ‘kill themselves’ after decision in Trayvon Martin case

Roddy White has always been vocal on Twitter.

George Zimmerman is a free man following the decision on his actions against Trayvon Martin. A lot of people believe that Zimmeran should have been found guilty for killing an innocent teen.

In cities everywhere, there were some protesters and rioters. That was expected. Some people went to Twitter to voice their disappointment. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was not happy with the verdict, but decided to suggest that the jurors kill themselves.

Obviously this is going to be a backlash for the team and the NFL. But even if it wasn’t a big name from the NFL, suggesting that people die as a result of another person’s death is just not right. More deaths doesn’t solve anything. And advocating violence as a result of violence isn’t good.

C’mon man.


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