Yoenis Cespedes’ home run derby win brought out the racist in America

The final swing and the big bat flip.

The final swing and the big bat flip.

Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland A’s wins the home run derby with a show. He blasted 32 bombs en route to the title (and give the A’s fans discounted tickets). He’s the first player not on the All-Star team to win it. A relative unknown to most of America, he had a chance to display his skills and it was great to see the A’s get represented well.

This is his second season in the big leagues after defecting from Cuba in hopes of a better life here a little less than two years ago. He’s been learning English since he has arrived but hasn’t learned enough to be comfortable doing interviews. Despite all of that, he has assimilated himself real well and has embraced his new life in America.

However, that doesn’t stop the racist Americans from tweeting out their displeasure that Cespedes doesn’t know English. Twitter once again brings out the hate and racism from our country. And in case you didn’t know, English is not the official language of the United States. There is none.




He’s learning English. But the people on Twitter don’t know that and don’t even bother to care.

6 thoughts on “Yoenis Cespedes’ home run derby win brought out the racist in America

  1. I think anyone who loves the game of baseball was impressed by this very talented young Cuban. His level of skill and dedication to his craft is very evident. With that said, it is unfortunate that just because many of us would like to hear an interview from him in the english language, we are now called racist. I have seen a trend in this country to try and create a further divide over the issue of race. How unfortunate that we can’t even enjoy our national pastime without being labeled racist, because we want to see a young, very gifted ball player be able to speak the language of they country that has opened its doors to give him this wonderful opportunity. Tolerance, Yes! We should all be willing to extend the courtesy of time to this young man to learn not only the english language, but also to learn that we are not a nation of racist’! Just my opinion.

    • If you give half a fuck about what language he speaks, you are a racist and a total cunt. Good thing he doesn’t need your approval to play and have success in the MLB. That guy wouldn’t give a fuck about you. I speak English only…and would rather be speak in his native language in an interview because its what he speaks. He’s from Cuba. I think that’s awesome. Everything about it. If you don’t, you should go jump from a moving vehicle.

  2. What’s the problem? the baseball players of USA that play in Asia or Latin America don’t speak the languages of his team’s country, and nobody is angry with them about that.

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