DeSean Jackson’s new rap video with Snoop Dogg is just so…

Offseason time for NFL players gives them opportunities to pursue other interests. For Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, that’s making a rap video. Featuring Snoop Dogg (whom doesn’t appear on screen with Jackson throughout the entire video) in Las Vegas, the new song is about swag and bling. Of course.

The song in itself is catchy, but it’s isn’t great. It’s something you’d probably bump on a drive on a freeway without traffic. In traffic, it could cause road rage.

I suppose this is good in comparison to what other NFL players have gotten themselves into this offseason. As long as it’s harmless, I can accept it. I hope this doesn’t distract Jackson from his football career. The song isn’t all that great, so it’s best he focuses on what he’s really good at.


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