Nike dips into a new avenue of player brand marketing

If this is old news, then I guess I’m late to the party. 

Nike has always done the “____ Knows” campaign with their athletes. Over the years we’ve seen them market their athletes with these shirts for Bo Jackson, Yoenis Cespedes, Adrian Peterson and so on. But up until then, they’ve only been with shirts and sometimes shoes.

But for the first time to my knowledge, the company has produced a line of caps to go with the famous slogan. This is something that Nike appears to be reaching out with in their sights for a new avenue to market their players.

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Josh Brent’s retirement is exactly what he needed

The constant legal trouble had to have caught up with him. If he ever returned to football, he would be booed and the entire league would watch him. It’s a lot of pressure for a guy that knows his life needs a fresh start.

And much like Rolando McClain, walking away to get things right is the best thing. Some men hold onto the hope of football for way too long. Brent knows that it’s over and it was time to walk away.

I hope he finds peace in his decision.