Ryan Braun’s suspension is MLB’s way of finally putting a stamp on this whole steroid era

Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season.

Ryan Bruan’s 65-game suspension, which ends his season this year, is a move by Major League Baseball that needed to happen. After Braun got away on a technicality over his last suspension, this was something the league did to make an example of Braun and all other players that want to try to cheat the game.

I think that Braun knew he was wrong the first time, but was lucky to escape. Now with this, Braun had to know that he couldn’t fight it anymore and just take the offer the league gave him. At least to me, it shows that MLB will not relent until they get what they know needed to be done.

Since there had been talks about Alex Rodriguez also, I expect some kind of punishment for him real soon. Especially for a repeat offender (although he never got caught while in Texas), MLB knows that they have to make an example of him. I don’t know if they will be light on the suspension.

This makes me wonder about Bartolo Colon and if he will get a suspension. I doubt he will because he doesn’t have a history of taking banned substances except for last year. He didn’t fight it, so that didn’t leave a sour taste in the league’s mouth. If the Biogenesis deal for him stems from the same case as last year, then Colon has already served his time and doesn’t need to do another one.

That’s what I think is the case. But with this league, they’re on a mission to punish everybody that has hurt their image over the years. If a former MVP like Braun can get tagged, another former MVP in Rodriguez could be next.


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