Missed marketing opportunity for the A’s this weekend

How come I didn’t see these for sale at the Coliseum? Did I miss it?

I was at the Coliseum on Saturday for their 1969 throwback game. It was a beautiful uniform matchup and the A’s won. It was a great day at the park.

One thing that I did notice was that when i was at the team store, the cap that the A’s wore that day were not for sale. In fact, I saw no traces of the cap anywhere. The team had throwback shirts, but none of the cap.

This is a strange situation since one would assume that having the cap available on the day they wear that specific cap would be a great marketing opportunity. More merchandise sales on a cap that would have been a popular buy and the A’s don’t do it.

Unless I completely missed it, the A’s missed out right here. Luckily for me, I bought my cap at Hat Club earlier in the week so I was very lucky to have the cap and wear it at the game on Saturday. I didn’t see anyone else with the cap too, which made me feel kind of special.

I know the cap is also available on MLB Shop, but the A’s do tend to jack up the price of the cap at the Coliseum and that would have been the chance to make some extra money over the weekend.

Hopefully they get it right next time. The A’s are winning and are the talk of the Bay Area right now. They need to take advantage of the fans that want more merchandise — especially the newcoming bandwagon fans.

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