49ers fans don’t like Donte Whitner expressing concern for fellow NFL player’s health

Donte Whitner wished Percy Harvin a speedy recovery on Twitter. Fans didn’t like it.

After the hilarious Twitter fiasco when Brian Wilson was supposedly a #trader for joining the Dodgers, Twitter gave us another gem.

This time it wasn’t hilarious, rather it’s a continual disturbing trend where fans don’t realize that players don’t think like them. Following news of Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin’s impending hip surgery, 49ers safety Donte Whitner offered words of encouragement on Twitter.

However, the reaction to it by some 49ers fans wasn’t pretty.



Of course, this wasn’t all the reaction. Some fans understand that it’s OK to wish someone a speedy recovery regardless of team affiliation. The NFL is a brotherhood.



Something so simple as a “Get Well Soon” wish to a fellow NFL player brings out the best and worst out of people. With Twitter the ugly shows its head publicly way too often. But this is what Twitter gives us. It just shows us how some people’s mindsets are when it comes to being classy,

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