Joe Pavelski’s contract extension saves my wardrobe for five more years

I’ve been a fan of Joe Pavelski since his rookie year. He was the guy I cheered for. It was easy to cheer for Patrick Marleau at the time because he was the big name, but little Joe Pavelski was my guy.

Several years ago I bought a Pavelski shirsey (shirt jersey) during a Black Friday sale. It was the black version and since then. I have been wearing to every single Sharks event that I’ve attended. This five-year contract extension means I get to have a relevant shirt for at least that time.

With the Sharks rumored to change up their home and road sets, the black thirds are expected to remain unchanged. With that knowledge, I am so glad to have a relevant shirsey. And onto the fact that Pavelski is the future of the team, I am happy with this. I am hoping that the team can still put together a winning squad and one day win the Cup.

Joe Pavelski is sticking around a while.

And with more money, we get this:


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