Johnny Manziel’s Mock Autograph, ‘Money’ Sign & Scoreboard Point Vs. Rice [VIDEO, GIF]

Johnny Manziel was someone I did not care about. Especially all his partying, he turned me off. But today, he became someone I want to follow. No, not follow as in admiration. Rather follow because he reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He rebels against authority, marches to the beat of his own drum and really in a sense, is a heel in the biggest way. We need this kind of character in the drama of silliness that is the NCAA. Good for you!


David Price chronicles expensive cab ride to Oakland because he didn’t take BART

I should have taken BART.

With the Bay Bridge closed over the weekend and visiting teams to play the Oakland A’s staying in San Francisco, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price (who starts tonight) decided to take the cab to the Coliseum.


Instead of taking BART, he was stuck with a cab ride that cost him over $200.

On Twitter, Price detailed his miserable ride to Oakland.

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Thank you for helping But at the End of the Day hit 200K views

200,000 views already?

Back in January, I celebrated that my blog reached 100,000 views after being live for about a year. It was a great accomplishment and I am so grateful to all the people who have visited my blog.

Today is a bigger celebration. In about seven months following, my blog doubled that total. This is a true blessing as it shows that people actually read my work and that there’s a sort of approval in a way. This isn’t saying that my blog is oh so great, but it’s a great confidence booster knowing that my blog is growing as I am growing as well.

Thank you for helping me reach this. It’s a great day for the blog. I can’t wait to see if I could ever hit the 1 million mark. Thank you!

–  Sam

Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick decides to play Twitter scavenger hunt

Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick has some time on his hands. He’s nursing a wrist injury and was in Walnut Creek. He then decided to have some fun with his followers on Twitter.

He then proceeded to venture out into Walnut Creek, snapping and tweeting photos as clues for his scavenger hunt.

Take a look at the clues he gave out.

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Props to Cal for not letting the Big Game move to Levi’s Stadium

It basically comes to this: Do the Cal Bears want to be viewed as that money-hungry school that would sell their tradition for glamour?

Cal knew that it wasn’t right. The fans voiced their opinion. And in the end, Cal did right by not letting the tradition of the Big Game change.

I was hoping that this was the way it would be but I was afraid that there would be too much power in the glamour. Glad we have no change. Memories of the Big Game should remain with the schools, not the big stadium for the big boys.

It would suck if a moment like this was played on a neutral site.

This is how I see the 2013 NFL season going down

Future Super Bowl matchup? I think it’s very possible.

I will try again to give you my great predictions for this NFL season. Take it for what it is. (Bold teams make playoffs.)

Feel free to disagree with me.

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I am not on board with the Team USA hockey jerseys

These don’t excite me.

When these were unveiled yesterday, everybody was all crazy about it. I looked at it and just was like “meh” to the new USA hockey jerseys. It in fact is an homage to the 1932 sweaters.

I don’t understand what the great celebration was for this set. The fact that the blue and white sets aren’t even symmetrical makes it hard for me to like it. Then you add on the fake stars and fake collar lace and you really have a boring, unimaginative set.

(I will give them props for their collar paying homage to their two gold medal teams, but none of us will see it when the players hit the ice.)

I suppose the blue one is a little bit better in my eyes, but not really. It’s just boring. I’m not a fan. And that logo, where have I seen it before? Of course, now I remember!

Russia’s looks better, but the non-symmetry still bothers me.

Can decision to move Cal-Stanford Big Game to Santa Clara work?

There are some mixed reactions to this potential deal to move the Big Game to new Levi’s Stadium in 2014.

In a business sense, it’s a great idea. Stanford is closer to Santa Clara so the travel for them is easier. Even though Cal renovated their stadium, Levi’s Stadium will have a bigger seating capacity and has a lot better amenities for the fans.

There’s a lot of potential revenue to be made here and to have it at a marquee venue would definitely boost its exposure.

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Brian Wilson’s $1M decision

I will never understand athletes. First, I don’t the physical talent. Secondly, I don’t have the money.

So when asked to shave the beard for a million dollars, Brian Wilson turns it down. I guess it’s a rich people problem. I would shave a beard for that kind of money.

I suppose also that the beard controls Wilson now. The gimmick has gone so far that it has become his identity. No more of his previous frosty tips, but now it’s just an out of control thing.

But like I said, I will never understand.

Joe Flacco on Ray Lewis: A lot of his speeches “didn’t even make sense”

Reminds me of this clip from 30 Rock.