Jay Bilas exposes NCAA’s hypocrisy in a series of tweets

The NCAA is angry at Johnny Manziel for supposedly selling his autograph for money. That’s against the NCAA rules. In fact, using the player’s image or likeness for profit is something the NCAA has said they would never to do expose their players.

Despite the NCAA claiming this, it’s clear that they do it anyway through their loopholes. No player names are used in any kind of merchandise that is sold, but it’s so quite obvious that it refers to a certain player.

So the NCAA has gotten heat over this and ESPN’s Jay Bilas decided to show that the NCAA is doing the opposite of what they’re professing.

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Thank you Peyton and Eli. Thank you so much!

Is there a solution to preventing all these offseason injuries?

So many injuries this offseason.

Torn ACLs. Achilles’ injuries. Surgeries. Fractures.

All these are so common these days, and apparently more common this offseason than any in my recent memory. The NFL is entering their 2013 season with players suffering bruises left and right. However, these injuries are piling up and costing players significant playing time. For some, it will be the entire season.

How come these players are getting hurt so much this offseason?

One could easily blame that there are too many offseason programs and practices. And that might the easiest way to go in our quest to figure out the root of all these injuries But it can’t be that simple. The offseason programs have been pretty similar in years past. There might be more workouts, but all of them are safely monitored and none of the activities are out of the ordinary.

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