Yankees not wearing their regular caps for game against Tigers

Robinson Cano wearing the batting practice cap during Friday’s game.

This is an odd sight

The Yankees don’t wear any cap other than their classic dark navy with interlocking NY logo. The only time they wear something different if it’s the league-wide mandated promotion or a throwback game.

Tonight against the Tigers, the Yankees trotted out their batting practice cap. The reason why they did it, according to CBS, is for their partnership with New Era and the David C. Koch Foundation to help fight cancer. Good cause, I can dig it. And something different and refreshing. I dig it too.


What if this is the Warriors alternate logo?

Is this a new alternate logo? I’m not sure but if it is, I wouldn’t be surprised.

This logo was floating around the Internet. I don’t know if this alternate logo is real or not but I do wonder about it.

The Warriors adopted their new rebrand identity in 2010 and this past season, introduced the hideous sleeve jerseys. That uniform re-introduced the spear that has been gone from the Warriors identity for some time. The above logo seems to fit in well with the alternate uniform’s look.

I wonder if this will be a trend in the NBA where the sleeve jerseys will be so common that a new logo just for it could appear. It doesn’t have to be good or overwhelming, but it’s a great marketing tool. This new logo is OK as it is kind of similar to what the Kings use, but I suppose once this sleeve jersey thing keeps rolling, there’s a lot of merchandising opportunities out there with a new logo.