Kevin Durant’s painful, truthful, heartfelt tweet about Seattle

Kevin Durant’s first and only season in Seattle.

The Seattle SuperSonics in their final season in the city, drafted Kevin Durant as the #2 overall pick in 2007. That draft pick would be a major piece of the foundation of what the team would be in future years.

However, the city of Seattle never got a chance to reap the benefits of that. Their move to Oklahoma City and name change still hurts the fans of the Pacific Northwest.

Durant was in Seattle for the Jamal Crawford Pro Am (he scored 63 points) and returning to Seattle brought back memories.

He has spoken highly of Seattle numerous times since leaving and he did so again Sunday.

For Durant, his tweet and address to the crowd reminds us of how grounded he is about his roots. Seattle was his first NBA home. The fans there were his first community family. The team, the identity, the memory of the Sonics clearly has not left him.

A message like that reminds us of how bad ownership, business and money can hurt. Seattle was Durant’s first love in the NBA. That city loved him. It was his home. He won Rookie of the Year in Seattle. He misses it.

I’m sure he’s glad to be doing great things for Oklahoma City. But I am even more sure that he wishes he could have had all this success for the city that welcomed him first. I miss the Sonics too. Damn.

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