Now we know who threw that banana at Adam Jones and it’s even more confusing

Yesterday, this happened.

And now we know who did it. His name is Alexander Poulides.

And as you can read from the story, it’s very, very confusing.

Here are some key notes that the story points out.

  • The fan that threw the banana said he did it out of disgust of the Giants’ performance in the 10-2 loss, and it was not racially motivated.
  • The fan got the banana from a catering cart and heaved it towards the field as he was leaving.
  • Somehow, someway, no security person or witnesses saw this and identified the fan before he left.

Here are some things that just don’t make sense to me.

First of all, I would never throw anything onto the field no matter how angry I am at my team. In fact, throwing anything anywhere at a ballpark is dangerous. Poulides apparently ignored all the rules of the ballpark and threw something — and in the direction of the field no less. And he’s a food waster.

Map of AT&T Park. Where in the middle of the bleachers would they have a catering cart?

Secondly, he claimed to have picked up the banana from a catering cart. Now given where Adam Jones was in center field, I have a hard time figuring out where in bleachers a catering cart would be. I know there are concession stands way in the back, but there is no way Poulides could have gotten the banana from there and thrown it. Did he steal a banana, make his way down then throw it?

Or maybe they have catering carts in the front of the bleachers I am not aware of at the park. I don’t remember seeing any catering when I sat there some time back.

Seriously, nobody saw him throw a banana? In a crowded park, nobody saw a banana fly onto the field? This just sounds all kinds of fishy to me.

Maybe I’m overthinking this or maybe the story just has some holes in it. Ultimately if Poulides is telling the truth, then he must be a fan with anger issues that takes food that doesn’t belong to him, trek his way down and heaves it onto the playing field knowing it’s against the rules. And nobody else saw it.

Let my odd speculation and conspiracy theory come into play.

One thought on “Now we know who threw that banana at Adam Jones and it’s even more confusing

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