Pistons unveil new alternate jersey via Twitter

The Detroit Pistons went to Twitter to show us what appears to be a new alternate jersey for this upcoming season. This is the first time they’ve worn an alternate jersey in years since their red ones (which I really liked).

As you can see from the photo, they’re using dark navy. Some might think that the dark navy isn’t part of their color scheme. However, it’s actually been part of their logos for years.

There doesn’t appear to be a hint of any of the royal blue on this new jersey and the piping pattern down the side is completely different than the home and away set. It appears as if there is a navy stripe that stops halfway down the jersey.

This might be an alternate jersey for the sake of alternate jerseys. It’s not necessary and really emphasizing on a navy color that isn’t seen often is kind of Thunder-ish.

We’ll find out tomorrow what this whole set looks like.

A new navy alternate for the Pistons?

A new navy alternate for the Pistons?

Shame on you NBA for your Latin Nights or whatever you want to call it

I got so angry I didn’t even spell it right.

I’ve been against this promotion for years. Their new logo is another sign of how the NBA gives no true effort to this promotion.

This new logo translates to NBA Nights. No sign of any kind of Latin heritage except for the use of Spanish. And what’s with the exclamation marks behind the NBA logo?

This is terrible. Shame on you NBA and your laziness. Money talks and you’re listening for all the wrong reasons.

Kendrick Lamar has competition: James Harden drops hot new single despite Stephen Curry’s disapproval

This is gold. Plus, check out Curry’s sweatshirt. That’s fresh!