One day, I will catch a foul ball at a major league game

That was from last night. That kid caught a foul ball and his reaction is priceless. Good job! Bringing that glove is helpful.

I’ve never caught a foul ball at a major league game before. I always bring my glove, but it has never happened. I’ve been to probably 100 games over my lifetime. It’s never happened.

This is not to say I’ve never gotten a ball at a game before. I’ve gotten a foul ball at a minor league game when it bounced off a guy’s backside. I’ve had two balls tossed to me by players during batting practice. But the foul ball during a game eludes me.

The ball has come close to me before being several rows away. I’ve even sat in prime foul ball territory. But it has never happened. It’s one of those things on my sports bucket list. I don’t just want to get a ricochet. I actually want to catch it. I suppose that also is equivalent to catching a ball during batting practice.

Either way, one day. One day it will happen.

And this was so close, but the umps got it right.


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