Phoenix Suns unveil new uniform set but miss the mark because one element is missing

The Phoenix Suns have new uniforms and they were oh so close to having a great look. Close.

As you can see, the sun streak across the front just ends with the number. Unlike the sunburst from their old set, this one just feels empty. Had they included a sunburst, this new uniform set could be one of the best in the NBA. Instead, it just feels empty.

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WWE star Darren Young says he is gay

I remember seeing him with NXT with his pop-up hair and I thought that he has the physique to be a great wrestler, but that was it. I was never impressed with his microphone skills and his current gimmick is OK at best. But good for him and I like that it was so casual when he announced it.

Props to Adidas for their “House of Mutombo” campaign

Life needs more Mutombo.

Adidas and Dikembe Mutombo have reunited for a new campaign series promoting the former NBA star’s upbringing and the rebirth of his shoe.

Check out the two videos that have been released so far. It’s simple but very funny. After all, Mutombo is so lovable and we just can’t get enough of him.

Despite my dislike for Adidas, they did good in this one.