Phoenix Suns unveil new uniform set but miss the mark because one element is missing

The Phoenix Suns have new uniforms and they were oh so close to having a great look. Close.

As you can see, the sun streak across the front just ends with the number. Unlike the sunburst from their old set, this one just feels empty. Had they included a sunburst, this new uniform set could be one of the best in the NBA. Instead, it just feels empty.

A closer look at all three uniforms.

It’s hard to really like these uniforms considering that the front features the wordmark color different from the number. But that’s not really my issue. It’s the fact that the wordmark has the streaking look to it (home, road, alt) and that kind of feels empty without the sunburst to go with it.

The lack of purple with the home set really bothers me. I know the team wants to phase out purple, but just killing it almost completely on the home set hurts. Worst of all, that sunburst on the shorts is gray!

The purple road set is their best. It’s refreshing, the colors are vibrant and it looks so much better. However, the missing sunburst just kills it. But I like the butt belt the best on this one.

Then of course, the sleeves. Damn you Adidas! They have a logo patch on the left sleeve too! Oh my.

I’m probably too critical of this, but it just really doesn’t feel that it was that great of a new reveal. They had so much potential and for the most part, I can dig the simplicity of it. But if they were going to go with what they call a “Speed of Light” streak, they had to have put the sunburst in.

I give them props for the sunburst on their shorts that pay homage to their teams of the `70s and `80s. And the diagonal lettering is for their set of the `90s. That’s great but this just doesn’t do it for me.

So much potential, Alex. So much potential. But it was not meant to be.


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