San Jose Sharks unveil sneak of new uniforms with #TheNextWave

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The San Jose Sharks were expected to make changes to their home and road uniforms. What kind of changes, we don’t know. Were they going to eliminate orange? Were they going for a minor overhaul or something very small?

They tweeted this video and it appears to be a quick sneak of what the new jersey would look like for their home set.

It’s hard to tell, but it shows that orange is still in the team’s identity. That could be the hem or possibly on the sleeve.

What do you think?

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One of my biggest sports pet peeves happened last night at the A’s game

I don’t get it. Why do people do that. I’ve been to numerous sporting events where fans wear gear of teams that aren’t playing in that game. At A’s games, I see numerous fans wearing Giants gear. The Giants aren’t playing the A’s, so what’s the point? Is it to prove something to the people at the stadium? It’s a the “look at me” kind of attitude that confuses me.

Same thing happens in football too. I’ve seen Tony Romo jerseys at 49ers practices during training camp and I’ve seen irrelevant jerseys at games too. Why do people do that?

I can get that they are wearing it t show they are a fan of a certain team. But it’s not the place for that. For a game between the A’s and Indians, showing up in a Mariners jersey makes no sense.

But fans do it all the time. It’s that attention-seeking mentality that really just confuses me. Can someone explain to me why people do this?