One of my biggest sports pet peeves happened last night at the A’s game

I don’t get it. Why do people do that. I’ve been to numerous sporting events where fans wear gear of teams that aren’t playing in that game. At A’s games, I see numerous fans wearing Giants gear. The Giants aren’t playing the A’s, so what’s the point? Is it to prove something to the people at the stadium? It’s a the “look at me” kind of attitude that confuses me.

Same thing happens in football too. I’ve seen Tony Romo jerseys at 49ers practices during training camp and I’ve seen irrelevant jerseys at games too. Why do people do that?

I can get that they are wearing it t show they are a fan of a certain team. But it’s not the place for that. For a game between the A’s and Indians, showing up in a Mariners jersey makes no sense.

But fans do it all the time. It’s that attention-seeking mentality that really just confuses me. Can someone explain to me why people do this?

9 thoughts on “One of my biggest sports pet peeves happened last night at the A’s game

  1. Some of us are just fans of the game. I’ve gone to games is other cities like Denver to check out the park and have worn my A’s hat. If I have no real stake in the game why do I have to wear some gear from a team I could care less about? For me it’s not attention seeking at all.. that’s the last thing on my mind

    • You may not see it as attention seeking, but it is. People notice when one person stands out like that. I am a fan of the game but I don’t wear something knowing that I’d stand out with irrelevance. I wear neutral, generic clothing. I don’t want to draw attention to myself

      • I notice something like a A’s Matt Holliday stitched (just saw one of these at the game Saturday) way before I do say a random White Sox hat. What are these people supposed to do if they don’t own something from one of the teams playing? Buy a hat from a team you could care less about or go without one altogether? Honestly I think this may be more of a personal pet peeve of yours most of us don’t think twice about.

        On another note I really dig your blog and have added it to my bookmarks.

      • I never said they had to wear something of the teams playing. When I go to games of teams I don’t care about, I just wear regular clothes.

        Me and my friends notice misplaced irrelevant jerseys and caps than a jersey of a player not with the team.

        Thanks for adding.

      • Well I don’t own any non sports related hats… so when I was at that Rockie-Padre game a couple years back, to meet your criteria I either had to buy a Rockie hat or suffer through 4-5 innings staring into the sun. My own pet peeve is wearing two items of sports gear even from the same team… I will either pick a shirt, jacket or hat but no way am I wearing all 3. Just looks way too fanatical and corny to me.. even worse is when I see a grown man throw in matching shorts

      • Most people own caps that aren’t sports related. You’re apparently in the minority.

        Secondly, going all out decked in team gear is what fans do. No issue with that.

      • “Most people own caps that aren’t sports related. You’re apparently in the minority.”

        If were talking about ballcaps I HIGHLY doubt this. Who is buying a baseball cap with no log… unless you’re an umpire or something.

        “Secondly, going all out decked in team gear is what fans do. No issue with that.”

        I realize i’m in the minority which is why I brought it up.. it’s my own pet peeve just as you have yours. The reality is most people could care less about either.

        Any way thanks for the back and forth. Look forward to checking in our your blog every couple days.


      • Thanks.

        Yeah, well I never said no logo, I have tons of caps that aren’t baseball related. Or sports related. Sometimes it’s caps for different companies. Heck, I own a couple caps by New Era for Superman and Captain America.

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