Sharks latest tease of #TheNextWave shows no more black shoulder yoke

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#TheNextWave Tomorrow

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Did you catch this one?

It looks like the black shoulder yoke is no longer part of the team’s home design. Part of Reebok’s design template, the Sharks appear now to not want any part of it. Or maybe this is an entirely new template since they want to take the same fabric and design of the black armor set.

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Bay Area design company Opening Day Designs forced by MLBPA to stop making player-referenced shirts

A.J. Griffin is a supporter of Opening Day Designs. He wore this shirt during his on-air interview on MLB Network. Watch VIDEO.

Opening Day Designs is a Bay Area clothing design company that makes pretty neat fan-inspired shirts featuring the Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. You can check out the entire collection on the site. Designer Adam Olson has established quite a following with his Oakland Athletics collection. It’s been very popular and as you can see by the above video, players from the team all have their own designed shirts and they really like it.

In fact, I own two shirts from ODD. It’s very creative, fun and it always gets the attention of any Athletics fan that sees it. Here’s one of my favorites.

However, this morning Olson announced that the MLBPA wasn’t having it with his designs.

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Why A.J. Jenkins and the 49ers just didn’t work out and who is to blame for this separation

About 16 months later, the dream is gone for the 49ers and A.J. Jenkins.

San Francisco 49ers WR A.J. Jenkins was traded to the Chiefs for receiver Jon Baldwin. This ends Jenkins’ short and disappointing tenure with the 49ers after being taken 30th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

In his brief time with the 49ers, he was on the field for 47 total snaps all of last season including the playoffs, He ran 22 routes, and dropped the only pass that came his way. What looked to be a potentially promising career with the 49ers is now over.

But where did it go wrong?


The first round off the 2012 NFL Draft had just concluded. The 49ers had just taken Illinois wide receiver A.J. Jenkins with the 30th overall pick about 20 minutes earlier. It was a pick that nobody except for the 49ers’ front office expected. Jenkins wasn’t the top receiver available by most draft boards and it felt like a reach for the team.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke were convinced that they landed a diamond in the rough with their first selection of the draft.

“Trent Baalke last night put his name in an envelope and said ‘this is who we’re going to pick’,” Harbaugh recalled that night with a smile on his face. “We all agreed on it and it held true. That was the guy we wanted. That was the highest player on our board when the time came to pick him. We’re very excited about the pick.”

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San Jose Sharks’ next uniform teaser shows elimination of orange in numerals

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#TheNextWave Coming Soon

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Did you catch it?

The Sharks just unveiled their second teaser and this one is a glimpse at the numerals on the jersey. It shows that the orange outline from the original set has been eliminated.

This is a good sign as the first teaser shows that orange isn’t as prevalent in the uniform. We’ll see the full set later this week.

I wonder what’s next.

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