Quick thoughts on #TheNextWave uniforms the Sharks have just unveiled

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The San Jose Sharks made some minor changes to their uniform set. In fact, the changes may be minor, yet they make a huge difference.

As you can see by the slideshow, the Sharks look to be emphasizing more on teal and less on the orange. It has been said around the uniform community that orange is a nice color for the team, but should be kept at a minimum.

Now that we’ve seen these minor tweaks, it’s time to break down the uniform, starting from the top of the jersey.

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Jose Canseco just joined YouTube and it’s scary

Jose Canseco is always talking about the haters in his life. He felt that it was necessary to send a message to them via an animation of a dinosaur on YouTube. It’s pretty bad.

He then subsequently tweeted out more links on his Twitter that lead back to the YouTube front page.

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