Brian Wilson’s $1M decision

I will never understand athletes. First, I don’t the physical talent. Secondly, I don’t have the money.

So when asked to shave the beard for a million dollars, Brian Wilson turns it down. I guess it’s a rich people problem. I would shave a beard for that kind of money.

I suppose also that the beard controls Wilson now. The gimmick has gone so far that it has become his identity. No more of his previous frosty tips, but now it’s just an out of control thing.

But like I said, I will never understand.


One thought on “Brian Wilson’s $1M decision

  1. My question is this: since Brian trademarked/patented his beard, does he stand to earn more than one million dollars from the rights to his beard? Technically what legally happens to the trademark if he shaved his beard? Thirdly, is he making a statement that nobody owns him by refusing to shave his beard? The answers to these questions will sort of give us a direction on this interesting beard drama of Brian’s.

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