I am not on board with the Team USA hockey jerseys

These don’t excite me.

When these were unveiled yesterday, everybody was all crazy about it. I looked at it and just was like “meh” to the new USA hockey jerseys. It in fact is an homage to the 1932 sweaters.

I don’t understand what the great celebration was for this set. The fact that the blue and white sets aren’t even symmetrical makes it hard for me to like it. Then you add on the fake stars and fake collar lace and you really have a boring, unimaginative set.

(I will give them props for their collar paying homage to their two gold medal teams, but none of us will see it when the players hit the ice.)

I suppose the blue one is a little bit better in my eyes, but not really. It’s just boring. I’m not a fan. And that logo, where have I seen it before? Of course, now I remember!

Russia’s looks better, but the non-symmetry still bothers me.


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