Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick decides to play Twitter scavenger hunt

Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick has some time on his hands. He’s nursing a wrist injury and was in Walnut Creek. He then decided to have some fun with his followers on Twitter.

He then proceeded to venture out into Walnut Creek, snapping and tweeting photos as clues for his scavenger hunt.

Take a look at the clues he gave out.

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Props to Cal for not letting the Big Game move to Levi’s Stadium

It basically comes to this: Do the Cal Bears want to be viewed as that money-hungry school that would sell their tradition for glamour?

Cal knew that it wasn’t right. The fans voiced their opinion. And in the end, Cal did right by not letting the tradition of the Big Game change.

I was hoping that this was the way it would be but I was afraid that there would be too much power in the glamour. Glad we have no change. Memories of the Big Game should remain with the schools, not the big stadium for the big boys.

It would suck if a moment like this was played on a neutral site.

This is how I see the 2013 NFL season going down

Future Super Bowl matchup? I think it’s very possible.

I will try again to give you my great predictions for this NFL season. Take it for what it is. (Bold teams make playoffs.)

Feel free to disagree with me.

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