This is how I see the 2013 NFL season going down

Future Super Bowl matchup? I think it’s very possible.

I will try again to give you my great predictions for this NFL season. Take it for what it is. (Bold teams make playoffs.)

Feel free to disagree with me.



  • SF (12-4)
  • SEA (10-6)
  • AZ (5-11)
  • STL (5-11)


  • GB (12-4)
  • CHI (9-7)
  • DET (8-8)
  • MIN (7-9)


  • WAS (10-6)
  • DAL (10-6)
  • NYG (9-7)
  • PHI (6-10)


  • ATL (13-3)
  • NO (10-6)
  • TB (7-9)
  • CAR (6-10)



  • DEN (12-4)
  • SD (7-9)
  • OAK (6-10)
  • KC (4-12)


  • BAL (10-6)
  • CIN (10-6)
  • PIT (6-10)
  • CLE (4-12)


  • NE (13-3)
  • BUF (6-10)
  • MIA (5-11)
  • NYJ (4-12)


  • HOU (11-5)
  • IND (10-6)
  • TEN (5-11)
  • JAX (4-12)

MVP: Peyton Manning

Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Tavon Austin

Defensive Player of the Year: Ziggy Ansah

Comeback Player of the Year: Robert Griffin III (does he count?)


NFC Wild Card Round

  • GB def. NO
  • SEA def. WAS

NFC Divisional Round

  • ATL def. SEA
  • SF def. GB

NFC Championship

  • SF def. ATL


AFC Wild Card Round

  • IND def. BAL
  • HOU def. CIN (again)

AFC Divisional Round

  • DEN def. HOU
  • NE def. IND

AFC Championship

  • DEN def. NE


Super Bowl

  • SF def. DEN

This was what I was expecting last year and I think both teams will make it to the Super Bowl. The 49ers are too talented right now and the Broncos are so poised. Let’s see if I am right.


2 thoughts on “This is how I see the 2013 NFL season going down

  1. I like your predictions esp. Niners vs. Broncos. I have to say though that I am wondering about the NFC East and wonder if Philly may turn it around with Vick at the helm. But who knows…you are more knowledgeable. 🙂

  2. Here’s my 2-cents

    NFC West: STL will come in 3rd, one win over AZ
    NFC East: Hardest one to predict, I feel like this year DAL makes it back into playoff contention.
    AFC North: PIT will go .500, and CIN will reel in the top spot in the north. Dalton now has a viable run game, along with developing WR, Mo. Sanu (personal favorite of mine). They’ll most likely deploy the dual TE offense that we’ve seen the Patriots have success at. CLE will win at most 6 games.
    NFC East: Jets win 2-3 games; the circus continues. MIA takes 2nd spot. Doug Marrone will need a season or two to get up to speed.
    MVP: Peyton Manning (hard not to think when he has A-talent weapons.
    OPotY: Adrian Peterson. Runner up: Colin Kaepernick
    DPotY: Luke Kuechly (imo the next Urlacher)
    ORotY: Tavon Austin or Kenbrell Thompson
    DRotY: Ziggy Ansah (if Lions D-Line has chemistry, they’ll have one of the best lines in the game) Runner Up: Alec Ogletree
    Comeback: Robert Griffin III. Reggie Bush (does he count?). Runner Up: our old friend Alex Smith
    Superbowl: ATL def. NE
    Superbowl Runner Up: SF def. DEN

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