David Price chronicles expensive cab ride to Oakland because he didn’t take BART

I should have taken BART.

With the Bay Bridge closed over the weekend and visiting teams to play the Oakland A’s staying in San Francisco, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price (who starts tonight) decided to take the cab to the Coliseum.


Instead of taking BART, he was stuck with a cab ride that cost him over $200.

On Twitter, Price detailed his miserable ride to Oakland.

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Thank you for helping But at the End of the Day hit 200K views

200,000 views already?

Back in January, I celebrated that my blog reached 100,000 views after being live for about a year. It was a great accomplishment and I am so grateful to all the people who have visited my blog.

Today is a bigger celebration. In about seven months following, my blog doubled that total. This is a true blessing as it shows that people actually read my work and that there’s a sort of approval in a way. This isn’t saying that my blog is oh so great, but it’s a great confidence booster knowing that my blog is growing as I am growing as well.

Thank you for helping me reach this. It’s a great day for the blog. I can’t wait to see if I could ever hit the 1 million mark. Thank you!

–  Sam