Johnny Manziel’s Mock Autograph, ‘Money’ Sign & Scoreboard Point Vs. Rice [VIDEO, GIF]

Johnny Manziel was someone I did not care about. Especially all his partying, he turned me off. But today, he became someone I want to follow. No, not follow as in admiration. Rather follow because he reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He rebels against authority, marches to the beat of his own drum and really in a sense, is a heel in the biggest way. We need this kind of character in the drama of silliness that is the NCAA. Good for you!

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Just Johnny Football being Johnny Football. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel served his one-half game suspension on Saturday, entering the contest for Matt Joeckel in the third quarter of the Aggies’ tilt against Rice.

After taking a solid hit from Rice linebacker Nick Elder on a scramble, Manziel jumped to his feet and made an autographing gesture at the Owl defender. You can see the play in full in the video above.

Later in the quarter, Manziel threw his first touchdown pass of the season — a 23-yarder to Mike Evans. After the score, Manziel made what seems to be A&M’s signature ‘EFF YOU’ celebration to the NCAA this season: he rubbed his fingers in classic “show me the money” fashion.


Glad to see that suspension has humbled the youngster, NCAA. Good job, good effort.

A&M leads 52-28 in the fourth quarter.

[UPDATE: Manziel got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after…

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