My favorite Michael Jordan moment

Iconic photo of Michael Jordan using Scottie Pippen for support.

I was with my friends today and the topic of Michael Jordan was brought up. It came along the lines of the what ifs in the NBA. What if Magic Johnson never got sick. What if Larry Bird’s back never gave out on him? What if Michael Jordan didn’t retire the first time?

The discussion transitioned into a focus on Jordan and what our three favorite moments were. I was thinking about his dunk against the Knicks and obviously his final shot. But for me, the one that stood out was the flu game.

I think what made it so special was this photo. That captured it for me. It was a courageous performance and I’ve been sick with the flu before. I could never play my best basketball under those conditions. But Jordan did. And that win gave the Bulls a 3-2 series lead. That game shifted the momentum of the entire series.

That game to me was the game that cemented Jordan’s legendary status for me.

Now let’s remember that game.


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