Cell phone charge stations are the way of the future at sporting events

This past spring when I was in Phoenix, I was at a Phoenix Suns home game and they had a cell phone charging station for fans. They could watch the game on a screen while their phone charged.

A month ago, I was at Petco Park to watch the Padres and they also had a charging station at a bar. It was very convenient. And today, this news comes about.

This is the new wave of the sporting experience. With so many people using their phones for numerous things, a charging station makes sense. Similar to how all cafes have wi-fi, it makes sense for sporting event venues to have charging stations.

Many fans are using their phones to tweet, Instagram their game experiences. Some casual fans are just there and they need their phone to occupy their mind. Regardless, people are on their phones all the time. It’s the way of this generation and having a charging station makes sense.

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