Steve Ott is tired of the Sabres’ foolishness, leaks new jersey by himself on Twitter

The Sabres have been teasing their new jersey since July 12. It’s been almost two months and the team still hasn’t unveiled it. Steve Ott wasn’t having it anymore, calling out the team to unveil it or he would do it himself.

After waiting and waiting, Ott finally had enough and went with it on his own.

The team of course played it off like it was no big deal. (Or was this all an elaborate staged thing?) But the bigger deal is that they took forever and apparently weren’t planning on releasing it anytime soon.

And also, these new jerseys suck.

Is this the old Toronto Raptors approach? One color in the front, one color in the back? The silver is all over the place. This just looks like a real mess. I can’t even begin to break down how complicated this design is.

Why can’t they stick with something simpler? This team seems to be making some change every few years and it’s hurting the brand. Instead of focusing on putting together a winning product, they sweep it under the rug and cover it up with something new.

But this new design is all bad. It’s like they’re wearing a gold shirt and a blue cape is draped over it. Is that what we want to see from the Sabres? A mullet jersey?

This bad. And the fact that they dragged the unveil for this, it wasn’t even worth the wait. I kind of wish they would have never unveiled it.

EDIT: Check out the official unveil with the unnecessary collar message.


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