The Reddick-Barnes Twitter scavenger hunt is underway

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes could tag team in the near future in a scavenger hunt.

Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes are following through with their Twitter scavenger hunt.

Remember when Josh Reddick and Harrison Barnes talked about a scavenger hunt? It looks like they’re doing it.

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Another football game could be tragically moved because of an inconsiderate baseball team

Another reason why a new stadium is needed.


I haven’t checked in with the NFL reporters and PR men since Thursday night. I hope they’ve gotten over the tragedy visited upon them by the Orioles insisting on playing their home game as scheduled, but from the sturm und drang about it all I feel like they still might be working their way through the stages of grief.

They better get over it soon, though, because they only have a couple of weeks to get worked up about it anew. Seems that an Oakland A’s home playoff game on October 6th could force the Raiders to swap home dates with the Chargers. The NFL’s official position:

“We monitor the baseball playoff situation every year,” a league spokesman said. “If there is any change to our schedule, we would announce it at the appropriate time.”

But I presume they’ll first want to start a media campaign asking the A’s…

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