NFL reporter Jeff Darlington once again dishes out his ‘Animal House’ pop culture lesson on Twitter

This is a classic movie scene. And for anyone who has seen it, they knew that Bluto’s confusion of US history did not hurt the impact of his speech.

NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, a fan of the movie, uses this speech in reference on Twitter every now and then. However, some of his 68,000+ Twitter followers don’t get the pop culture reference.

He used it on Monday night when the Redskins attempted to come back from a 33-7 deficit.

In return, we get a lot of fans calling out Darlington for not knowing his history. Darlington retweeted some of the offended people.

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Roddy White gives fantasy owners advice on how to play him

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has been nursing an ankle injury all week. His injury limited his production Sunday. He had only two catches for 19 yards.

Monday morning, White tweeted this out to his concerned fantasy owners.

It’s nice that fantasy has become so important and relevant that White felt the need for that PSA. Football season is truly here!