The 9/11 flag patch caps New Era is selling you isn’t exactly the same as the ones the players are wearing

Daric Barton with the flag patch placed right along the back seam of the first panel.

Daric Barton with the flag patch placed right along the back seam of the first panel, right above his ear.

Remember when New Era announced that they would be selling the flag patch caps again this year? Upon further inspection, what they are selling is not what the players are wearing.

The 59Fifty caps from New Era are the same ones the players wear on the field. That’s how they’ve been marketed to us and it’s true. But for the 9/11 flag patch, it’s a different story. I’ll use screen caps of the A’s game I am watching now.

(Scott Kazmir didn’t have his flag patch, but his teammates did. Did it fall off?)

As you can see by the link I have above, the flag is placed in the middle of the first side panel of the cap. But as you can notice by the image above (and around the league), it’s not placed in the middle. Instead, it’s placed all the way to the right of the panel before it hits the seam. The slight placement is minor, but it still makes a difference.

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Meeting Don Shula and watching a live show in person

Our happy little crew with Don Shula.

Our happy little crew with Don Shula. and his wife Mary Anne.

Having been part of the NFL Network for over a year, I don’t actually get to watch a show in studio as it airs live. Since I am usually in the newsroom working with lots of news and information, rarely am I am in the studio doing television production. But it was nice to come in when I wasn’t on the clock to watch Don Shula tell stories on “A Football Life: Backstory” live in person.

Sitting there as we watched the cameras roll, the show go live and clapping on cue was really neat.

What was even sweeter was that even though I knew how everything operated during a live show, it was really exciting for me. We would watch the camera rotate around, then the hosts talk with the guest and just back and forth. Since it was a studio audience, laughing along and cheering was encouraged.

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