Will first down measurements speed up in the future?

I got a note about this last night and wanted to pass it along. First Down Laser Systems has been working on a first down marker that could speed up the game.

Instead of an official physically bringing the yardage marker and chain to the middle of the field for measurement, a green laser is emitted from this new marker.

According to the information, it can be accurate up to 1/16th of an inch. It doesn’t take long to set up. In fact, once the laser is accessed, a green line will zoom across the field to the other marker to form the first down line.

The new way of measuring for first downs?

It doesn’t look like the line will actually be seen on the field (like the yellow line we see on TV) but when it is needed, then the laser will be activated and be briefly shown to help with measurement.

I really believe that something like this could be seen in the NFL real soon. They might use it for college games first. But don’t be surprised if this starts to generate a lot more buzz.


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