Bay Area teams continue to embrace the Twitter takeovers

The Oakland Athletics just announced that Warriors guard Stephen Curry will take over their Twitter account this Friday.

This comes a few weeks after the 49ers invited Warriors forward Andre Iguodala and model Marisa Miller (both 49ers fans) to take over their Twitter.

The idea isn’t new, but the Bay Area sports scene apparently is embracing it. After last season’s love fest between the 49ers and Giants, it’s apparent that the entire Bay Area knows about supporting one another. It’s not like we’ll see the A’s support the 49ers on Twitter anytime soon, but with these athletes and celebrities taking over Twitter accounts, it’s a real unique way to not only do something fun, but give a certain fanbase a new opportunity to meet players they might not normally cheer for.

Ultimately with Twitter, a still relative new platform, there opens up so much potential for future promotions. I look forward to seeing what other takeovers will come in the near future.


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