Mark Cuban has bad taste in uniform design and here’s proof

Remember when Mark Cuban opened up this uniform design contest and it got me all riled up because he was devaluing his fanbase? It looks like he has made his decision on what the final 10 designs will be and it’s up to us to vote for the winner.

And the biggest problem with these designs? They all suck.

We have some with just logos slapped onto the front. We have a couple that are ripoffs from old Sonics and Nuggets jerseys.  And some that just are too cluttered.

I have no idea what Cuban is thinking and having these as the potential alternate for the Mavericks is really sad. Could these even be marketable? Would any of these be easy to reproduce?

What initially was a bad idea has now gotten worse. This is not going to end well.


Am I too vulgar or is security too sensitive at Angel Stadium?

Too offensive?

Check out the image on the right. That’s a bag that I got a long time ago after I moved down to Southern California. Since I am not an Angels fan, I modified it and have been using it since. I bring it to many sporting events I go to, including back to Angel Stadium when the Oakland Athletics come into town. While going through the gates, security has never given me any issue about it. But last night, they finally stopped me.

After checking inside my bag (all I had was my glove inside) they looked at the writing and said I couldn’t bring that in. I thought they were joking until they had me move to the side and a second security person looked at it. They told me that they weren’t joking and that the bag could not be brought in.

I suggested that I turn it inside out and they said that would be OK for me to enter.

But how come my bag was not acceptable?

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NBA considering to add nicknames to player jerseys

“Pistol” Pete Maravich.

So let’s get this straight: An official game-used jersey could read “King James” for LeBron James. That’s not too crazy. In fact, with this marketing and globalization of the NBA, it’s actually a smart marketing tool. I am not surprised by this at all.

And people might get upset about it and I get it. I would prefer that they don’t do it but it’s not something that’s new to professional sports. The XFL has done it before. Major League Baseball has done it before.

And as you can see by the photo to the right, the NBA has done it before too. It’s pretty fun and it really embraces the individuality of the players in the NBA. And the NBA is the most individual, self-promoting professional league in sports anyway.

I prefer they didn’t, but for one game, I am not against it.